• The U.S. government has hit Bankman-Fried and its attorneys with 4 million pages of discovery documents.
• Rep. Patrick McHenry called proposed crypto tax rules an ‘attack on the digital asset ecosystem’.
• Pepe founder blames ‘nefarious ex-team members’ for unexpected $16M withdrawal.

U.S. Government Actions

The U.S. government has taken action against Bankman-Fried and its attorneys by providing them with 4 million pages of discovery documents, according to a recent report from CoinDesk. This move is being seen as a direct attack on the digital asset ecosystem, which has been gaining traction in recent years. Meanwhile, Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.) took to Twitter to criticize the proposed crypto tax rules, calling them „an attack on the digital asset ecosystem“.

Worldcoin Whistleblower

In other news, Worldcoin whistleblower Nate Chastain publicly severed ties with the project saying that it „deserves whatever will come next“. Chastain was sentenced to three months in jail for insider trading at OpenSea earlier this year and has since been vocal about his experience working with the project team and their lack of transparency regarding financial matters within the organization.

Binance Allegations

Binance is also under fire after allegations surfaced that it maintains ties with blacklisted Russian banks despite Western sanctions, according to reports from The Wall Street Journal (WSJ). If true, these allegations would put Binance in violation of international law and could potentially have serious repercussions for both investors and company personnel alike should they be found guilty of any wrongdoing related to these transactions or dealings with sanctioned entities or individuals related thereto..

Pepe Founder Blames Ex Team Members

Finally, Pepe founder blamed ‘nefarious ex-team members’ for an unexpected $16M withdrawal of Pepe tokens (PEPE) from their multi-signature centralized exchange wallet earlier this week. The stolen tokens were quickly transferred to and sold on exchanges including Binance, OKX, KuCoin, and Bybit causing the PEPE token price to fall around 15%. The anonymous founder vowed to burn remaining tokens following necessary purchases or donations related thereto..

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