• OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is calling for AI to be regulated during a Senate hearing.
• Celsius withdrawns over $800M stETH from Lido Finance following an upgrade.
• Ex-Ethereum developer Hudson Jameson calls OpenAI founder’s Worldcoin project ‘unrealistic and scary’.

OpenAI Calls for Regulation of AI

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman recently called for AI to be regulated during a Senate hearing. The company’s ChatGPT project has been met with success, and now its founder is seeking $100 million in funding for his crypto project Worldcoin.

Celsius Withdrawal From Lido Finance

Following an upgrade, Celsius withdrew over $800M stETH from Lido Finance. The withdrawal requests increased as users anticipated large withdrawals from the platform.

ECB Believes Digital Euro Is Necessary

The European Central Bank (ECB) believes that a digital euro is necessary despite lukewarm responses from banks and consumers alike. The Bitcoin halving countdown is nearing completion with less than 50,000 blocks remaining before it occurs.

Ex-Ethereum Developer Criticizes Worldcoin

Former Ethereum core developer Hudson Jameson expressed his doubts about the transparency and tokenomics of Worldcoin, which uses iris-scanning technology to create a global ID system that will provide access to its global currency, Worlcoin. He called the project ‚unrealistic and scary‘.


With discussions surrounding regulation of artificial intelligence (AI) and the launch of new cryptocurrency projects, there are many changes taking place within the tech industry at this time. Crypto enthusiasts should keep up with these developments in order to stay informed on the latest news in their field.

Von Lothar