• CoinFLEX co-founder accuses Roger Ver of betrayal in near bankruptcy saga
• Hong Kong court recognizes crypto as property in Gatecoin case
• SEC’s Gary Gensler says he has never owned crypto

CoinFLEX Co-Founder Accuses Roger Ver of Betrayal

CoinFLEX co-founder Mark Lamb recently accused Bitcoin evangelist Roger Ver of betrayal, citing his alleged involvement in a near bankruptcy saga. According to Lamb, the ordeal was caused by an alleged breach of trust from the Bitcoin Cash proponent. He also mentioned that the situation could have been avoided if Ver had kept his word and secured a successful outcome for CoinFLEX.

Hong Kong Court Recognizes Crypto As Property

The High Court of Hong Kong has officially recognized cryptocurrency as property, ruling in favor of Gatecoin in a case against its former bank. The ruling stated that digital assets fall within the definition of “property” under the city’s legal framework, which means that cryptocurrencies are now protected by existing laws concerning ownership and distribution. This decision is expected to open up new possibilities for businesses dealing with virtual assets in Hong Kong.

President Trump NFTs Floor Price Crashed 58%

The floor price for President Donald Trump’s NFT series dropped by 58 percent after launching ‘Series 2’ on April 17th. The initial launch saw a surge in demand and prices reaching as high as $200,000 but after the second series was released prices fell significantly as users began to sell off their tokens. This decrease shows how volatile NFT markets can be and highlights the importance of researching projects before investing heavily into them.

SEC’s Gary Gensler Says He Has Never Owned Crypto

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler has revealed that he does not own any form of cryptocurrency or digital asset during his recent congressional testimony on April 16th. Gensler instead focused on promoting investor protection and discussed how blockchain technology could be used to combat financial fraud while using digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum responsibly.

Fed Board Member Says CBDC Risks Outweigh Benefits

Federal Reserve Board member Lael Brainard recently said that Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) could pose potential risks to financial stability which may outweigh their benefits at this moment in time. Brainard also noted that it would take years for CBDCs to become widely adopted due to technological limitations and security concerns as well as regulatory uncertainty surrounding them at this stage

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