• Google is taking a “safe and responsible” approach to AI development, adding it to its product suite.
• Solana unveiled a ChatGPT plugin that retrieves on-chain data.
• 21Shares and ARK Investment filed for a third spot Bitcoin ETF, while Binance US backed out of the Voyager asset purchase deal.

Google Taking Responsible Approach to AI Development

Google is taking an approach that is both “safe and responsible” when developing AI, continuing to add it to its product suite. The tech giant is making sure that AI is developed with proper safeguards in place for users‘ privacy and data security. As part of this effort, Google has been working on projects involving machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, robotics, and more.

Solana Unveils ChatGPT Plugin

Solana Labs has revealed a new ChatGPT plugin that will allow chatbot users to interact with the Solana blockchain. Through the plugin, users can check their wallet balances, transfer tokens, purchase NFTs from inside ChatGPT, as well as retrieve account data and information about NFTs. Technical details suggest the plugin can also retrieve data about assets held by an address as well as information about transactions signatures and more.

21Shares & ARK Investment File for Third Spot Bitcoin ETF

21Shares AG and ARK Investment Management have filed for their third spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF), after two previous attempts were rejected by U.S regulators – including one earlier this year from VanEck Associates Corp. The filing comes amidst growing investor interest in cryptocurrency ETFs due to their ability to provide exposure to markets without having direct ownership of digital assets themselves. Despite the testing regulatory environment in the United States surrounding cryptocurrency funds however, 21Shares believes „persistence will pay off“ in this case with regards to their filing for a spot Bitcoin ETF.

Binance US Back Out Of Voyager Asset Purchase Deal

Binance US recently announced they are backing out of a proposed merger between themselves and Voyager Digital Ltd., citing difficulty obtaining regulatory approval in time for completion of the deal by June 30th 2021 as reason behind the decision not move forward with the asset purchase agreement (APA). This news follows recent reports that Binance was looking at acquiring up to 60% stake in Voyager Digital Ltd., but it appears now that those plans have been canceled due to inability meet required deadlines set forth by regulators overseeing such deals in America .

CFTC Official Says Anonymity In Crypto Is A National Security Risk

In related news CFTC Commissioner Rostin Benham made waves during his testimony before Congress last week when he said anonymity within crypto markets could be seen as „a national security risk“. Benham recommended better enforcement mechanisms should be put into place in order ensure bad actors don’t take advantage of these anonymous trading systems which he noted currently exist outside traditional financial institutions or governmental oversight frameworks .

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