Analysis of the Trump vs Biden Debate: Have you bought Bitcoin yet?

The first meeting between the candidates for the presidency of the United States has left several worried.

Watching the first election debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden turned out to be more painful than a toothache. The show was really embarrassing. In a matter of seconds, everything turned into a real mess. Pathetic! We saw a Trump more violent and rude than ever and a Biden much more presidential, but losing patience on several occasions. The moderator, of course, did what he could. But, obviously, it wasn’t enough. The issue became ugly and personal. „Clown,“ „liar,“ „why don’t you shut up, man? „There’s nothing smart about you, Joe.

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Trump interrupted Biden more than 73 times. And the themes took a back seat. Personal attacks set the tone for the evening. According to several sources, Joe Biden won the debate. In other words, several media outlets conducted polls and Biden appeared to be favored. On the day of the debate, Biden was ahead of Trump in the polls and now after the debate the lead appears to be greater. In fact, the forecasting markets dawned today ahead of Biden over Trump. However, almost everyone agrees that the big loser here is the United States. This debate was a sad thing for American democracy. Definitely the worst presidential debate in its history.

Kryptonian Prediction Markets Turn on Trump after First Debate

During the two-hour debate, phrases like „How to move to Canada“, „How to move to New Zealand“, „How to move to Ireland“ became trends on Google. It is perfectly understandable that people feel incredible frustration with what is happening in the United States. As a Venezuelan, I have seen shows like this in my country. But I never thought I would see them in the United States. We will have to go to Mars, because everything seems to indicate that Third Worldism is now global.

From the beginning this has been a negative campaign and the debate was no different. By „negative“ I mean polarization. There are two sides. The anti-right and the anti-left. Winning is not the priority. The important thing is that the other side loses. The unifying factor of each side is hatred of the other. Many Trump voters don’t support many of the things Trump does or says, but they will vote for him because they don’t want the left to win. On the other hand, Joe Biden’s supporters are not with him because of his charisma. They’re going to vote for him because he wants out of Trump.

During the debate, there was discussion of pandemic management, the economy, the health care system, taxes, climate change, racism, law and order, and voter fraud. All of these topics were addressed very superficially. Of the reactions the day after, the most notable was when Trump refused to condemn white supremacism and militias. „Proud Boys- stand back and stand by“ and then commented that the violence comes from extreme left groups like Antifa.

Proud Boys is an ultra-right-wing group, founded in 2016, by activist Gavin McInnes. The Proud Boys are radically opposed to immigration. It is an organization composed exclusively of white men. In their platform, they promote entrepreneurship, border closures, libertarianism, the right to use arms, the end of social programs (welfare), and a traditional role for women. In the streets, they are particularly known for their violent encounters with leftist activists.

Antifa is short for anti-fascism. It is an umbrella term for extreme left groups such as anarchists, communists, and some social democrats. It is not an organization as such. However, the name has been used by many groups associated with the protests organized by the Black Lives Matter movement.

From a financial standpoint, the most worrisome part of the debate revolves around the issue of election fraud. Trump’s comments on the transition present us with a sea of uncertainties. In other words, Trump may not accept the results of the election. Of course, he is talking about the fact that it may be months before he gets something definitive. That scenario would be fatal for the markets, because it would be weeks of tension and uncertainty.