All eyes on Elon Musk: when will the Tesla founder get into Bitcoin?

Elon Musk lets it be known that he has all the qualifications to become a bitcoiner. Is the PayPal founder already toying with BTC? The opinion ECHO.

When does he jump up?

Ever since Microstrategy boss Michael Saylor enriched his company with around 70,000 Bitcoin (BTC), the scene has been hoping for an even more prominent rock scientist to jump on the Bitcoin train: Elon Musk . As a tech entrepreneur, the community now sees the richest person on earth as being predestined to participate in the Bitcoin market.

It is true that Musk had repeatedly commented on BTC in the past. However, the entrepreneur was unable to elicit clear statements on whether or not Musk sympathized with digital gold.

Now Musk’s BTC journey is entering the next round

After Ben Mezrich, author of „Accidental Billionaires“, tweeted that he „would never refuse to be paid in Bitcoin again“, Musk replied „neither do I.“

It comes as no surprise that the community would fervently pounce on every move the billionaire made about Bitcoin. Interestingly, the Tesla founder let it be known that he definitely has an opinion on BTC and Co.