MakerDAO’s flash loan could weaken tokenized governance

A recent MakerDAO governance vote was influenced by a flash loan. The Maker community offered to burn MKRs to prevent this type of incident from happening again. The systems for many DeFi protocols remain centralized, although they claim the opposite The Trust Project is an international consortium of news organizations based on transparency standards. Decentralized […]

Crypto-uitwisseling Luno biedt gebruikers rentedragende Bitcoin-spaarportefeuilles

Cryptocurrency-uitwisseling Luno heeft een Bitcoin- spaarportemonnee gelanceerd die klanten tot 4% jaarlijkse rente op hun bezit biedt. In een jaar waarin gedecentraliseerde financiën de krantenkoppen hebben gedomineerd en het cryptocurrency-ecosysteem hebben geschud, biedt dit aanbod van een beurs met meer dan 5 miljoen gebruikers in 40 verschillende landen een nieuwe manier voor Bitcoin-gebruikers om rente […]

Los comerciantes discuten lo que sigue para Bitcoin después de una abrupta caída del 3% de la noche a la mañana

Los comerciantes se mezclan después de que el precio de Bitcoin ve un repentino retroceso de 10.950 a 10.630 dólares de la noche a la mañana. El precio de Bitcoin (BTC) cayó abruptamente el 29 de septiembre de 10.950 dólares a 10.630 dólares de la noche a la mañana, registrando una caída del 3%. Tras […]

Coinbase Compliance Director leaves the company

On the basis of reports from Coinbase, Jeff Horowitz, the company’s compliance officer, is determined to separate himself from the exchange The CCO’s departure, however, is not connected to the controversial and debatable posting by the company’s CEO, Brian Armstrong, which appeared last week. It all began when some employees asked the company to take […]

Analysis of the Trump vs Biden Debate: Have you bought Bitcoin yet?

The first meeting between the candidates for the presidency of the United States has left several worried. Watching the first election debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden turned out to be more painful than a toothache. The show was really embarrassing. In a matter of seconds, everything turned into a real mess. Pathetic! We […]